Grenadian Oil Down

Grenada is a tropical country in the Caribbean Sea. Their national dish is Oil Down. With complexity, preparing the dish consumes time and takes only one pot. Layer the ingredients in a single pot and cook it in an open fire. It comprises of meat source, fruits and vegetables and not forgetting blended spices. Pound Lambi or conch to tenderize it. Alternatively, add broken crabs, chopped pigtail, or chicken. You can also cut cod into chunks. Added to this is a starchy tropical fruit called breadfruit. If this is not available, use potatoes, eddoes, or cooking bananas instead. Chop, slice and dice green peppers, spinach, celery, chives, and ginger. Pour coconut milk and heavy cream into the pot. Add parsley, turmeric, and thyme. The dish has a little bit of everything that altogether enhances its flavor.

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